##{Movie}## LIVE :Watch Te3n (2016) dvd quality

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##{Movie}## LIVE :Watch Te3n (2016) dvd quality

Postby hollo4 » Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:26 pm

Watch Te3n (2016) dvd quality




Release Date:
June 10, 2016

136 minutes

Mystery Thriller Drama
- Mystery
- Thriller
- Drama

- Endemol India
- Kross Pictures

- বাংলা
- हिन्दी

US $0

- India

7.9 / 4

Movie Synopsis:
A grandfather, police officer and a priest join hands to investigate and find a missing child.

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Reviewer 1:
Synopsis: The story is set in Kolkata where John Biswas (Amitabh) lives with his sick, wheelchair bound wife. John hasn't moved on in life even after 8 years since the death of his granddaughter Angela in a kidnapping incident. He needs closure and keeps pursuing the case, especially since he blames himself for her death. Father Martin (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is an ex-cop turned priest. Martin, the cop in charge of John's case has a life changing experience due to the tragedy.

Suddenly after 8 years, John stumbles upon new clues in the case which might lead him to the killer. Not having too any expectations from the police he decides to investigate the leads himself.

In the meanwhile, a second kidnapping takes place which has an uncanny resemblance to the kidnapping of John's granddaughter eight years ago. Events occur in an identical pattern where Manohar's (Sabyasachi Chakraborty) grandson Ronnie is kidnapped. The case is handed over to Sarita (Vidya Balan) who seeks help from Martin to nab the kidnapper, due to his prior experience with the Angela case.

Investigations in these two cases set eight years apart, one by Amitabh and the other by Vaidya and Nawaz happening in parallel with some flashback scenes form the crux of this gripping psychological thriller.

Cast: The main cast namely Amitabh, Nawaz, Vidya and Sabyasachi play their roles to perfection keeping the audiences glued to their seats. Amazing performances indeed!! Direction Music and Editing: Ribhu Ghosh's direction is superb keeping the plot on track, that along with slick editing keep the audiences hooked till the very end of the film. Music is good and compliments the narrative very well.

As a writer, I could think of at least three alternate endings for the film. The makers have however chosen the most "humane one" and not the most "gripping, edge of the seat one" which could somewhat disappoint die-hard "Whodunit" fans. Well, having said that; the ending is not bad at all and you come out of the cinema hall feeling satisfied that your money has been well spent.

My Verdict: Great performances, direction, nice gripping storyline with an ending to watch out for. Is it a serial killer who has come out of hibernation after eight long years or is there something else to it?? Don't want to reveal too much here. Guys, bindaas jaake theatre main dekho!! You won't be disappointed. If you liked Vidya Balan's Kahani, you will love this one too!! 8/10 from me for this highly entertaining movie!!

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Re: ##{Movie}## LIVE :Watch Te3n (2016) dvd quality

Postby majes2 » Sat Aug 27, 2016 11:46 pm

##{Movie}## LIVE :The Lovers and the Despot (2016) hd online stream




Release Date:
September 23, 2016

100 minutes

- Documentary

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